About Me

I have always had a passion for making bespoke and unique biscuits and cakes and I started Bicky Piccy in early 2017 after I moved to the UK from Bulgaria to share my devotion for the exclusive and extraordinary with everyone in the UK.
My biscuits and cakes are always bespoke-made and are unique individual pieces of edible art. As some background, I have a Masters in Art and use my many years of experience as an artist to hand-craft my exclusive and rare biscuits and cakes for you. Each biscuit and cake I make and decorate is individually hand-painted by me to be exclusive and a one-and-only unique piece of edible art.
I look foward to working with you to deliver unique creations for birthdays, baby-showers, weddings and other special occasions.
– Winner of The Cake and Bake Show 2017 London, cupcakes 
– Finalist in Royal Wedding Cake Competition at Ideal Home Show 2018, London Olympia
– Featured in Billionaire Babies on Channel 5, 2018
– Featured in Cakes & Sugarcraft magazine, August/September 2018

Contact Us

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